Monday, March 24, 2008

He Was A Quiet Man TRAILER A

"VISUALLY ARRESTING, structurally inventive and entirely UNPREDICTABLE, the film plays like the bastard child of 'Fight Club', 'Brazil' and 'Amelie'..." ...AUDACIOUS... Slater delivers an IMPLOSIVE, fearlessly self-effacing performance." VARIETY/ "SUPERB ACTING, excellent DIRECTION, a riveting story, sterling special filming techniques all herald the opening of He Was a Quiet Man..... this potent story will stay with you long after you leave the theater..." ENTERTAINMENT TODAY/ "... He Was a Quiet Man casts its own perversely funny spell thanks in large part to Slater, whose wonderfully shifty, beaten-down performance is easily his best in the (past) 17 years ... LA WEEKLY/ "He Was A Quiet Man is an excellent, unpredictable and often extremely witty film ... ..director Cappello... is so consistently inventive that the audience never has any idea where the story will head next... SCREEN "If this were a bigger budgeted project (and if life and Hollywood were fair), one could expect to see major award nominations for Frank Capello, Elisha Cuthbert, and especially the amazingly versatile Christian Slater."


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