Monday, May 12, 2008

Mister Lonely - Harmony Korine

A lonely Michael Jackson impersonator wanders the streets of Paris in search of something grand when he meets an enchantingly beautiful Marilyn Monroe, who invites Michael to join her at a commune, solely inhabited by other impersonators in the Scottish Highlands. At the commune, Michael and Marilyn prepare alongside her overzealous husband Charlie Chaplin, the Queen of England, Abraham Lincoln, Sammy Davis Jr., and a host of other impersonators for a star-studded stage show that will illuminate and dazzle their admirers. In a parallel storyline, a Latin American priest, Father Umbrillo (the legendary Werner Herzog) and his missionary of nuns literally soar through the sky in search of their own answers.


Blogger dstpc said...

ai vreun link de unde pot descarca filmul? nu am dat decat peste niste falsuri si il tot caut de o vreme.

7:47 PM  
Blogger rheakurokawa said...

nope. si noi il cautam. strong dc si torente is the key. poate apare pe la carturesti pe dvd, i dunno. momentan nu il avem insa.

10:42 PM  
Blogger cateris said...

Inca nu e disponibil. Din cate stiu eu de-abia anul asta ii dau drumul pe marile ecrane si de aici lipsul (chiar daca e din 2007 a fost vizionat practic doar la Cannes si-n cadrul festivalurilor).

2:31 AM  

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