Monday, June 02, 2008

REC 75%: PK.COM.CN [2008]

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Helmed by Electric Shadows director Xiao Jiang, PK.COM.CN tunes in to the mind and mode of China’s contemporary urban youth with visual panache, black humor, and Fight Club spirit. Adapted from an immensely popular award-winning internet novel, PK.COM.CN has been touted as China’s first “interactive” film as the final screenplay was determined through internet voting, but what really sets it apart from other works is the visual and narrative freshness. A reflective piece punctuated with punk sounds, slick art direction, and nonsensical humor, PK.COM.CN convincingly portrays the dreams, conflicts, and language of the post-80s urban generation, lost somewhere between dream and reality. Teaming up again after Twins Effect 2, Hong Kong actor Jaycee Chan (Invisible Target) and Taiwan heartthrob Wilson Chen (Blue Gate Crossing) are the stars of choice to play the film’s pair of doting, battling college buddies who go through the rites of chaotic youth and post-modern self-searching with unexpected results.

No matter how much time has passed, doctor Zhang Wenfeng (Jaycee Chan) can’t forget about his college buddy Yinchuan (Wilson Chen). During his college years, Yinchuan was always by his side, there to support him through the novel adventures and the lowest moments. After graduation, however, Yinchuan disappeared. Wenfeng hopes to see him again at the latest reunion, but Yinchuan again doesn’t show up, leaving Wenfeng with only memories of the past. It is only when Yinchuan’s ex-girlfriend (Niu Mengmeng) shows up that Wenfeng discovers the shocking truth about Yinchuan and himself.

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