Thursday, October 02, 2008

Plastic Tree [プラスティック トゥリー]

Japanese rock band Plastic Tree (aka PuraTuri / プラトゥリ):

Andro Metamorphose


Kuuchuu Buranko

Makka na ito

Aoi Tori


Early in their career, their music was dark and had heavy visual kei influences. As time went on, their sound seemed to change and evolve with every album. Due to this, the band does not think that they should be placed into any certain genre.

Plastic Tree has also stated that their sound has been considerably influenced by British bands such as Radiohead and The Cure, though the most recognizeable signature of Plastic Tree is the melodic, child-like voice of Ryuutarou. It is often described as very 'ethereal', and adds to the unique quality of their music. Their sound is also aided by Ryuutarou's unique lyrics.

Plastic Tree's current sound ranges from hardcore rock to pop. Before the album Träumerei (2002 - the band being formed in late 1993) was released, Tadashi (bassist) wrote nearly all the songs, usually with Ryuutarou writing lyrics. However, more recent releases have had Akira (guitar) and Ryuutarou writing both lyrics and music more frequently.


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