Thursday, October 09, 2008

REC 70%: Vital [2004]

Director: Shinya Tsukamoto [Nightmare dective, Nightmare detective 2, Welcome to the Quiet Room, A Snake of June, Ichi the Killer, Blind Beast vs. Dwarf, Tetsuo, the Iron Man]

Director Shinya Tsukamoto delivers an effectively haunting tale with VITAL, a macabre story in which life, death, love, and memory all interweave. When Hiroshi Takagi comes home following an auto accident that robbed him of his memory, he is looking for clues regarding his old life. Strangely attracted to an old medical textbook on the subject of dissection, Hiroshi signs up for med school on the impulsive hunch that it may bring him closer to his past. Once there, the young man finds himself in the oddest of love triangles, stuck between his relationship with a fellow student and with the cadaver he is assigned to carve into.

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