Tuesday, March 10, 2009

REC75%: Bugmaster [Mushishi - 2006]

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director: Katsuhiro Otomo

From the acclaimed director of Akira and Steamboy (anime).The much-anticipated adaptation of the bestselling Japanese manga, Mushishi is a sumptuous blend of CGI animation and incredible live action.

Ginko is a mushishi (a bug master) and a gifted healer. Whilst travelling through pre-modern Japan he meets the beautiful Tanyu, who records the history of the supernatural bugs by locking them into scrolls.

When the bugs escape the scrolls and attack Tanyu, it is left to Ginko to save her and rescue the traces of a vanishing age.

A visual feast of the senses, which will leave you truly astounded, Mushishi transports us into a mesmerizing, disturbing, fantastical world.

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