Wednesday, June 18, 2008

REC 80%: Quiet room ni yôkoso [Welcome to the quiet room - 2007]

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Regizor: Suzuki Matsuo [Tetsuo, the Iron Man, Blind Beast vs. Killer Dwarf, Ichi the Killer, A snake of June]

28 years old freelencer writer Sakura Asuka (Yuki Uchida) wakes up tied in a white room. The white room is a protected room located in an isolated ward of a psychiatric hospital. Sakura first became unconscious because of heavy alcohol use and a druge overdose. She’s confined in the single room because of her high risk of committing suicide.
Sakura tried to talk to the nurses and doctors but they didn’t listen to her. Under the circumstances another patient Miki (Yu Aoi), who suffers from an eating disorder, leads her to understand the unknown world. But, Sakura is looking for the way to get back to the real world as soon as possible.
The film is based from the novel of the same name by director Suzuki Matsuo.

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